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Why CalRov Investment Group?


We believe our Investors are our lifeline, that’s why at Argonaut Investors get paid the majority of returns and paid first.


We invest in niche asset classes and selective markets. This allows the ability to preserve capital and increase profits in any economic cycle.


We are invested in each deal alongside the Investors. We believe if our investors do well we do well. This is our motivation.

Why Multifamily?

Multifamily Real Estate provides the highest average annual total returns of any commercial real estate sector with the second-lowest level of volatility. The growing demand for multifamily housing combined with low supply has resulted in increasing rental rates and low vacancy. We believe there is an opportunity in the multifamily market with the “Silver Tsunami” happening and millennials wanting low living liability & mobility. Investing in Multifamily assets offers.

Our 4 Core Values

Investors are our lifeline

  • They get paid first.
  • Majority Returns investors (LP).

Cash Flow

  • We only acquire stable cash flowing properties. So from day one our investors are seeing their returns.

Capital preservation

  • Cash is Preserved
  • Good Intrest  (8% to 12%)
  • 10% Equity


  • Low Acquisition Fees.
  • Reasonable Asset Management Fees

Projected Returns

2X – 3x

Equity Multiple

8% – 12%

Net Cash-on-Cash


Yearly Rent Yield

Are you looking for real estate investment opportunities?

Multifamily Investment Criteria

We Focus on Stabilized Markets with a Clear Path of Progress.


Austin, San Antonio, Webster, Houston, DFW, New Braunfels

Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota, Naples, Daytona, Rockledge, Stuart, Lake Worth

Fresno, Visalia, Tulare, Porterville, Clovis, Glendale


Multifamily, 50-300 Units, Class B or C, Area Class B or A, Garden Style.


$50-$100 below-market rents
Market Rents(No Sec. 8/LIH)
Ability to improve Management.


  • 5 million- 50 million
  • No less than 100 units

Investment Period

Our typical Hold Time is between 3-5 years. We do offer longer hold time if preferred.

How Do We Select Deals?

Underwrite Over 100 To Find 1

Hundreds of deals come across our desk on a consistent basis. With our strict underwriting guidelines, we see one great deal to execute on every 100.

Stabilized Assets If CAP Rate High Enough

Generally, we focus on more high value-add plays, but sometimes we come across more stabilized deals that have.

Value-Add Upside Potential

Can we increase the NOI which will bring up the value of the asset? For example, current rents are below market rents due to unit quality, Can we rehab the units and increase rents?

Verifying ACTUALS, not Proformas

Brokers love to provide buyers with financial projections (proformas) as if they were today’s numbers. We verify, and base our analysis and offer on ACTUALS.

Strong Local Rent Growth

We dive deep into the deals submarket to understand the rent trends.

Do The Numbers Work

After all of the aforementioned, we come up with Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO), which is the maximum amount we can pay to acquire the deal.

How Our Real Estate Syndication Process Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started Investing With Calrov?

you can get started investing once you have registered for our investor portal and have had an introduction phone call with someone from our team. to register for our investor portal

from here, you will begin receiving monthly newsletters and deal announcements that will explain what you need to do in order to partner with us on each specific deal.

What Is An Accredited Investor?

The sec defines an accredited investor as an individual with a net worth of at least $1 million or an annual income of $200,000, or $300,000 for married couples, for at least three years.

What Is A Sophisticated Investor? Can Non-Accredited Investors Also Invest?

the sec defines a sophisticated investor as an individual who has enough knowledge and experience in business matters to evaluate the risks and merits of an investment. in syndications which are offered through the 506b exemption, sophisticated, non-accredited investors are permitted to invest as long as they have a pre-existing relationship with the sponsor.

How Are Distribution Levels Determined And How Frequently Are They Paid?

distributions are a function of income generation at a property for a given period.  we generally target distributing the offered preferred each quarter, in addition to any additional upside at the end of q4 each year. if a property performance is strong, distribution levels can be above projections and if property performance is weaker than expected, distributions may be below targets.

How Are Investors Compensated Upon A Refinance?

in the event of a refinance, investors would be compensated as they would for a capital transaction. in other words, at refinance, any proceeds received will go directly back to investors, paying down their initial principal. this decreases investors initial equity exposure, while maintaining their pro rata share of ownership within the deal.

How Do Interest Rate Moves Impact A Property’s Distributions?

interest rates would rise likely in the event of 1) inflation or 2) strong economic growth. typically, in an inflationary environment, or during periods of strong economic growth we are able to collect higher rents as cost of living increasing.  the same would apply in the inverse; weaker economic situations would have implications for occupancy and rent growth, however, lower interest rates would be likely reducing our interest burden.  in most cases, especially in periods in which we are vulnerable to interest rate rises, we prefer to use long term, fixed rate debt which serves as a hedge against inflation.

About Mentor

Background of the Avalos

Daniel Calderon

CEO and Founder

Daniel has over 20 years in real estate development, construction and has built a full-service renovation company and network of investors. Experienced in transactional sales, value-add renovation projects, land development, and multifamily acquisitions and development. Now focused on aligning with highly skilled professionals in order to keep up with the opportunities that are emerging as the pandemic gears down and the public opens up again.

Past Investments:

Daniel has invested in several Single-Family transactions in the Central and Northern California Markets. He developed Multifamily Properties in Tracy, Salinas and Galt, CA as an Assistant Superintendent, then, as a Superintendent for McMillin Homes Developed Residential Neighborhoods in Visalia, Ca.

Current Investments:

With a shifted focus on Multifamily Investments, his last SF Investment property is near the close of escrow to be sold. Multifamily is the Mainfocus of our Company. We are also looking at a 30-acre parcel for Development of Multifamily Development in Visalia, Ca.