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About CalRov Investment Group

CalRov is founded on the mission of empowering Investors to take a greater position in placing capital with tax efficiency and mitigated risk. Our business is based on building relationships with investors and keeping them at the heart of everything we do. We provide a high level of service and transparency and give the majority of cash flows to our investors.

We enjoy educating investors about commercial multifamily investment opportunities. We help them explore their highest potential of building wealth through commercial investing from the funds in self-directed IRAs, 401(k) and other tax-deferred alternatives. Most people are “working” towards their retirement or “saving” for retirement, which means that they can only add to their retirement if they work so many hours with the only hope to add to their retirements is if their employer gives them more hours or they take less home. We teach people hoe to earn more money and even double their retirement funds by investing in multifamily properties passively. We beleive that multifamily real estate is the safest invstment available to the public. Risks are minimal, cash flows are guaranteed if you buy right. We believe in total clarity and integrity. We provide proper communication channels and keep all the stakeholders abreast at all times.


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A Comprehensive Guide about some of the different ways you can invest your IRA funds. Self-Directed IRA money can be a great way to mitigate tax risks. If done correctly, you can defer your tax penalties through Investing Passively in Real Estate. Schedule a call today to find out how.

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Shaping Real Estate Politics and Growing a Billion $ Real Estate Portfolio. 

Why use trial and error when you can follow a proven roadmap?


What kind of real estate should you buy?


How can you buy it and what are the obstacles?


What exactly is so good about multi-family?

Meet Our Founder

 Daniel Calderon

Background of the Avalos

Daniel has over 20 years in real estate development, construction and has built a full-service renovation company and network of investors. Experienced in transactional sales, value-add renovation projects, land development, and multifamily acquisitions and development. Now focused on aligning with highly skilled professionals in order to keep up with the opportunities that are emerging as the pandemic gears down and the public opens up again.


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